Self-Care After Delivery – Master Class – Signs of Postpartum Depression


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In this Master Class on Self-Care After Delivery – Master Class, you will learn about how to take care of yourself, what to expect signs of Postpartum Depression and how to deal with it

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Self-Care After Delivery and  Signs of Postpartum Depression:

In this Master Class  you will learn about:


Self-Care After Delivery

Physical Changes after birth

How to manage after-birth pains?

Signs of postpartum depression to watch out for

Perineal care

C-section incision care

When can you resume bathing?

What would the Menstrual cycle be like?

When can you and your partner resume sex?

The emotional changes that can occur

What is postpartum Blues and Postpartum depression?

What is the signs of postpartum psychosis and when to seek help?

Benefits of Master Class on Self Care after Delivery :


Learn from Experts:

The master class on self care after delivery led by a childbirth educator Q.M. Sami will inform you about what changes to expect afterbirth and how to recognize postpartum depression and when to seek help.  

Prepare for the period immediately after birth without the overwhelm:

Learn about preparing for after delivery changes with awareness of what is happening. You will learn how to prepare yourself, keep yourself most calm and comfortable in the weeks after delivery, learn how to recognize crucial signs for Postpartum depression and seek help and support.    


Q.M. Sami (B.Ed., PNSW, and DSW) is a Childbirth Educator, Creator, and the founder of Humsa Prenatals. Having worked with laboring mothers and Obstetricians, and Prenatal Educators, she gained a deep understanding of the struggles of pregnant women especially in understanding and retaining the information and in overcoming fears.

She decided to combine her experience as a mother, a Perinatal and Adult Educator, to build and launch an online, self-paced, All-in-one Labor, Delivery, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding course. This course can be found at

This same course is now being offered as affordable webinar series at Webinars- 12 months access

Q.M. Sami is a Mother, an Educator, a Children’s book author, and a volunteer at the Abrahamic Reunion – an organization that works towards bringing peace in the Holy land by opening hearts to the love and wisdom of all spiritual traditions. In her free time, she loves exploring the outdoors and dabbling in Sufi music.

Check out what mothers are saying  about our All-in-one course:

– Dijana and Doruk, Toronto, Canada

This course provides information from the very beginning to the very end, and beyond. What to expect from the moment you get pregnant to the labour and beyond. It is very clear and to the point and provides different options available at different stages of the pregnancy. There are so many courses out there, and my partner and I are so happy and grateful, as this one includes all in one – all we needed to know – what to expect and what decisions to make, as we are first time parents. Thank you so much for all the valuable information. Your work is serving many of us!”

– Sameen Munir, Qatar

 Best course for moms-to-be!

With all the free materials out there on YouTube, I was still struggling with finding the right content that would help me with my pregnancy journey. Right from the start, this course has kept me engaged and I got to learn so much from Miss Sami. Each lecture dwells deep into having a healthy pregnancy, the stages of labor and what to expect during that time, coping with pain, insights about epidural and pain medications, and taking care of ourselves.

Not only that, Miss Sami even talks about dealing with postpartum depression and this is very important for a mother’s mental health! This course gave me even more information about newborn care, from the hospital procedures to newborn screenings to help with baby sleep, baby’s immunization, and even feeding techniques.

I couldn’t have asked for a better course on pregnancy, labor, and newborn care. Miss Sami is an extraordinary lecturer! Her soothing and calm tone made me want to spend more time listening to her lectures.

I will highly recommend this course to all the new moms out there. If it’s your first time and you want to know what to expect while expecting, look no further, Q.M. Sami’s course is your pregnancy bible. This will truly be a great help for moms-to-be!

-Sowmiya Prasad, Chennai, India

Lots of information about pregnancy, newborn care, and more packed in this one course.

This course came as a recommendation from a friend. I can happily say that it has helped me with my pregnancy journey. Miss Sami is a great instructor, whose calming voice and paced speed, make this course even more soothing. I would recommend this course to women who are pregnant or who are planning to have a baby. Lots of information about pregnancy, newborn care, and more, packed in this one course. Hoping to see more content posted by Miss Sami. All the very best, ma’am!

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Q.M.Sami (B.Ed, PNSW, DSW)

Childbirth Educator

Humsa Prenatals

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Self-Care After Delivery - Master Class - Signs of Postpartum DepressionSelf-Care After Delivery – Master Class – Signs of Postpartum Depression
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