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When I was pregnant with my two children, I took a prenatal class, which gave me the confidence to go through the process of labor and delivery. Consequently, I gave birth to two lovely girls. However, when I look back, I did many things at that time that are not quite what I would now recommend to new mothers who take my class.

When I started working with pregnant mothers, I got a chance to introduce to them simple things that would make their labor and delivery much easier, with fewer interventions. I was touched and surprised that the simple things I told them made a huge difference in their lives. For some of them, it was their second pregnancy, and still, they were not aware that there were much easier options than resorting to interventions.

I found that it is also imperative to know when to be flexible. I once supported a mother who had an unusually long labor and finally had to go in for induction, which got her through the labor. Sometimes, interventions could save the day or the life of the mother and/or child. I saw that there is a real need for women to know and be aware of these tips and techniques and what works when partnering with their baby through the journey of childbirth and after.

And this thought gave birth to Humsa Prenatals.

While every childbirth journey is unique to that person and their family, I decided to put my B. Ed in Adult Education and my Perinatal Support Worker Certificate together to create an All-in-one Labor, Delivery, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding course. This course will help to empower you with a better understanding of childbirth, clear your doubts, relieve your fears, and equip you with tips, comfort measures, and coping techniques.

The support person(s) plays an important role in your journey. Hence, at every step in this course, you will find many tips for the support person that would help them to become your tower of strength, so to speak confidently, and a shoulder to lean on during this transformative process of getting ready to meet your child!

Wishing you much strength and gentleness.

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